Manufacture of plastic products:

KRAFT company specializes in the manufacture of products from polymeric materials. Plastics are increasingly driving out of alternative materials for the manufacture of tanks and components for the any productions of any directions. This is primarily due to the versatility of polymeric materials. Unlike metal plastic is resistant to 95% of all substances used in nature. The lack of oxidation and corrosion processes allows operating Plastic Products longer without losing its properties.

  Scientific researches with plastic are conducting for many years. Due to this, not only polyethylene and polypropylene, but also materials with special properties: non-combustible, resistant to highly concentrated acids, impact-resistant, with high flexibility, etc are used for production of rotational molding.

Our company works with leading European factories. Because of this we can make the products for you that meet all the requirements of quality and durability.

You can find the list of standard products produced by our factory in subsection “products”. We also can produce any product on order from your sketches.