Volume, l Dimensions (Ø/h) without hatch, mm Price, UAH with VAT
2000 1450*1400 8300
3000 2050*1450 10800
5000 2600*1250 22200
5000 2050*2100 14400
6000 2050*2100 25500
10000 2600*2220 29500
15000 2600*3190 44400


In today’s world when there are many detergents and increase the amount of wastes the cesspools with open bottom are unacceptable and even dangerousfor health. This cesspool and the microorganisms that live in the soil, can not clean of water and hazardous substances can get into wells or other sources of drinking water. Therefore, modern cesspools are made in the form of tanks and are provided with cleaning agents. The most effective and durable material for the cesspool is plastic. Plastic cesspools are easy to install, and due to to the inertia of the material are extremely durable.

When we use a cesspool, the soil is not contaminated, and its contents can either be cleaned with special devices or to hire an authorized service for pumping waste. In any case, such measures will safeguard of water supplies from contamination. Clean water – a guarantee of health for you and your loved ones.