One of the activities of the company KRAFT is design documentation, design, manufacture and installation of metal structures of any complexity. Production facilities enable the highest level to perform the following operations on the metal:

  1. Creasing work
  2. bending work
  3. Lathing
  4. Milling work
  5. rolling
  6. plasma cutting
  7. Welding of any complexity
  8. grinding works
  9. forging
  10. Engraving on steel and other materials
  11. painting
  12. hot -dip galvanizing


We manufacture products of any complexity on your sketch or develop it for you. Our experts are at the highest level to make for you:

  1. Metal complex engineering design "turnkey" – development of technical documentation , purchase of materials , cutting , welding, grinding , painting or galvanizing.
  2. Containers made of black and stainless metal
  3. Design elements of metal: gazebo, outdoor grills, benches, sheds
  4. stairs
  5. balconies
  6. Metal truss roof
  7. Furnace "stoves"
  8. Frameworks
  9. Protections
  10. Flanges, elbows, accessories
  11. Others