Нouses for calves

Plastic house price 5600 UAH.

Price houses with aviary – 7800 UAH.


  • Material – polyethylene, allowing the natural light that stimulates the calf of vitamin D;
  • Provides natural conditions of growth and development for a calf;
  • Fresh air and protection from weather fluctuations allow calf normal formation of immunity. The risk of reproduction of microbes is minimized due to isolation;
  • The convenient size of the house does not hamper the movement of the calves and allows them to live in it from 0 to 6 months;
    Material is resistant to use in any climate;
  • Polyethylene is easy to clean, can maintain hygiene surrounded a calf;
  • Convenient design of the house for calves complete with enclosure and accessories allows you to grow the calf by the most modern European technologies.