Accessories for tanks

Our company supplies components for plastic and metal tanks of world's leading manufacturers. Products are certified for contact with drinking water and food. Available from the stock in Dnipropetrovsk.


Taps from the tank (fittings)
Taps are made of food-grade polypropylene and can be used in tanks for drinking water, food, corrosive materials.











Float valve (float)
The float valve is used to control a filling of the tank with water. Valve automatically stops water inlet to the tank when filling it out. The size of the float -1/2-2 inches. Floats are silent, which is especially important when the storage tank is placed in residential and public buildings.










The float transmitter
The transmitter is designed for visual control of liquid level in the tank. The transmitter consists of polypropylene fittings with cap nuts and transparent PVC pipes (pipe length is equal to the height of the tank).











Electric level switch
Level switch is used to control the water level during filling with the pump or with a pressure increase station. Electric level switch automatically shuts off the pump or the flow of water into the tank when it is full and swich on whan it is empty. Line Voltage – 220V











Lid with ventilation valves and filters
We supply lids with ventilation valves of two types: sealed lids with a ring and threaded lids. Breathing valve prevents the formation of vacuum in the tank. Basketware filters are used for mechanical filtration of incoming water.











Quick couplings
Quick couplings are made of polypropylene; the cams are made of stainless steel. Maximum operating pressure – 9 atmospheres (for sizes ¾ -2 inches) and 5 atmospheres (sizes 3 and 4 inches).











Inkjet mixer
The mixer is used for mixing the liquid in the tank to prevent sediment (precipitation) in the bottom of the tank. It is installed in the basket-lid filter of the tank.








Fittings (adapters)
Fittings are designed to connect tank with pipes, hoses and other feeding (sampling) systems of the liquid from the tank. Our company supplies a hose nipples, threaded adapters, nuts, plugs sizes ½ -2 inches.











Pumps for aggressive substances
The pumps are designed for pumping any aggressive substances. Two types of pumps: Pumps "automobile" that operate at a voltage of 12 V with a Tank of 0.2-1 m3 per hour and fixed diaphragm pumps powered by 220 V, output 10-27 m3 per hour.











Balls chemically resistant
We supply ball valves made of polypropylene, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Housing and working bodies of the crane (including bowl) are made of plastic.











Wash head
Wash head (nozzles) are used for washing tanks, including chemical treatment. They run from the pump at the pressure at least 10 bar. Rotating washing head sprays water at 360 degrees, which allows you to rinse the entire surface of the tank. Inlet hole for the pump connection – 1 inch.











Flanges and flange sleeve
Set of free flange with flange sleeve are used for tight connection pipe systems (tanks) made of different materials (eg, metal and polypropylene) or having different sizes of sections in the joints. Flanges are made of PP or PVC, flange sleeve – polyethylene (welded to the tank).

Name Price, UAH with VAT
Withdrawal from the tank (fittings) PP, ½’’, black, white  
Withdrawal from the tank (fittings) PP, ¾”, black, white  
Withdrawal from the tank (fittings) PP, 1’’ black, white  
Withdrawal from the tank (fittings) PP, 1 ¼”, black, white  
Withdrawal from the tank (fittings) PP, 1 ½”, black, white  
Withdrawal from the tank (fittings) PP, 2’’, black, white  
Lid for a container with an air valve, 250mm  
Lid for a container with an air valve, 350mm  
Lid for a container with an air valve, 450mm  
Lid for the tank, 250mm  
Lid for the tank, 350mm  
Lid for the tank, 450mm  
Lid for the tank, 620mm  
Basketware filter, 450мм, h=180mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 20mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 25mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 32mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 40mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE , 50mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 63mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 75mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 90mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 110mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 125mm  
lange Adapter (drainage) PE, 140mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 160mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 200mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 225mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 250mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 280mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 315mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 355mm  
Flange Adapter (drainage) PE, 400mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 20mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 25mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 32mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 40mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 50mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 63mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 75mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 90mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 110mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 125mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 140mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 160mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 200mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 225mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 250mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 280mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 315mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 355mm  
Flange PP / PVC, 400mm  
  Float valve 1/2"  
  Float valve 1/2" HEAVY  
  Float valve 3/4"  
  Float valve 3/4" HEAVY  
  Float valve 1"  
  Float valve 1" HEAVY  
  Float valve 1 1/4"  
  Float valve 1 1/2"  
  Float valve 2"  
  The air valve in collecting  
  Wash head  
  Inkjet mixer  
  Tee with male thread, 2"  
  Nipple for the hose straight, 1", with thread  
  Nipple for the hose 90⁰, 3/4", with thread  
  Cap with thread, ½’’  
  Cap with thread, ¾”  
  Cap with thread, 1''  
  Cap with thread, 1 ¼”  
  Cap with thread, 1 ½”  
  Cap with thread, 2"  
Electric pump "GEO Pump", 12V, 1m3 pen hour, chemically resistant  
Electric pump "GEO Pump", 12V, 0,75 pen hour, chemically resistant