LED Christmas Tree «Dream Tree»

«DREEM tree» create a cozy atmosphere in your home thanks to energy efficient led lighting and nice soft white color. Material – polyethylene food that provides the use in children’s rooms.

When using moisture- protected batteries (ordered separately) «DREEM tree» may be the sole element of the decor of your terrace or garden.



Agro 2015

Our company takes part in the annual exhibition Agro 2015, which took place from 27 to 29 October in the exhibition center Kyivexpoplaza.


Large tanks for pellet fuel

Our company is actively involved in the implementation of energy-saving technologies. In this direction has been developed and put into production a range of large capacities for pellet fuel: 20m3, 30m3 and 40 m3



The innovative development

The innovative development for the transport of water and CAS. Capacity 10m 3 for transportation with partitions.


KRAFT launched a new project

Our Company has has been realized large-scale project for the supply of storage tanks of 30 m3 for desalting seawater total of 300 m3.


Attention new product

Adjusted production of plastic pallets.



AgroInvest largest forum of Ukraine in the framework of the exhibition Agrotechnologies 2013

From 13 to 15 March 2013 in Zaporozhye is an annual exhibition of the achievements and innovations in the agricultural sector.


The only tank in Ukraine

The only tank in Ukraine, allowed to transport CAS and water.


Running proizvodva tank SNAKE

Starting the company KRAFT Korporation developed and launched the tank SNAKE, which is unique in the market of Ukraine.