Tank to transport

Tank to transport AGRO 5000
The only plastic tank in Ukraine, which is allowed to transport


Tanks for transport AGRO series is made of high quality chemical resistant polyethylene by rotational molding. Due to the use of special materials and Italian fittings, tanks are strong and tight. This tank has a special shape that withstands severe oscillations of liquid during transport. The special patented design provides high strength and resistance of tanks during the operation in the field. Tanks are manufactured according to TU 25.2-35984946-001:2010. The material has a sanitary certificate for contact with food and drinking water.





Dimensions: – height – 1510 mm, length – 2365mm, width – 2140 mm. The top hatch – 450 mm with breathing valve (tanks for transport must be equipped with breathing valve to prevent a vacuum, and subsequently destroying tank). Material-specific high-density polyethylene, designed for agricultural tanks, UV-resistant, operating temperature range -30 +60 С0.


After many years of research and development by world leaders in rotational molding, plastic tank was introduced as reservoirs for transportation. Plastic tanks have been used due to joint investigations of scientists in the field of strength and dynamics. According to these investigations, excluded from the constuction of the tank of one-piece stiffener ribs increases the strength of the plastic product in several times. This occurs because of a significant stress concentrations formed at the contact zones of ribs and the wall. These concentrations lead to the destruction of the plastic shell in the mentioned areas. Therefore, tanks made by rotational molding without ribs, are recommended for prolonged use as reservoirs for the transport of food and corrosive materials.

Specially designed tank with a solid bottom eliminates the stress concentration in the bottom of tank. A low clearance reduces the load on the axle of the vehicle during transportation. Equilateral spherical shape tank AGRO 5000 allows you to use it without internal partitions. However, when the half-filled container is transported, to minimize internal vibrations, our company has developed a special expansion of voids, which are installed as an option.

One of the main advantages of our containers is to use high strength composite polyethylene, which unlike the elastic material ensures the stability of the container during filling and transportation. Material production capacity is similar in strength of the metal and does not allow it to deform, swell like elastic counterparts.



Product Volume, liters Dimensions (height / length / width, mm) Price, UAH with VAT
Transport САSS/Water 2000 1015/2190/1345 9500/10800
Stationary storageня 1450/1450 4500
Transport САSS/Water 3000 1330/2015 12200
Stationary storage 8500
Transport САSS 5000 1560/2360/2140 17000/18900
Transport Water 15800
Stationary storage 11900
Capacity for transportation «Black»* 13900
Transport САSS 10000 1560/4750/2120 50500
Transport Water 48500


The price includes: the tank of impact polyethylene, sealed cap with breather, set tie straps to secure the container, plastic valve 2 in (63).
*It come standard capacity black, cover, plastic drainage PE63.

Accessories for tanks


Product Amount Price, UAH with VAT
Linking pairs “in the chain” 2 capacity 2700
Quick couplings Set 450
Hose 63 mm with clamps 1 m/p 100
«killer wave» Set 2000

Accessories for tanks



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